Our thoughtful process begins with you. A range of tailored consulting services designed to address your specific organizational needs. We develop a collaborative partnership with you to learn about your unique assets and respond to your challenges.

Areas of Expertise

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy
Instructional and methodological approaches for teachers and school leaders to improve student performance. What is culturally relevant pedagogy? How does it support student learning beyond lesson planning? How can teachers develop praxis and classroom community that transform student engagement, motivation, and academic excellence?

Racial Literacy
Theory to practice awareness of race and how it organizes and influences school community and classroom instructional practices, use of materials, and critical thinking. Teachers and students develop essential thinking tools to support reading complex historical and contemporary texts and their relationship to everyday life.  

Racial Literacy Assessment
A research-based comprehensive survey used to measure organizations' racial literacy, examining belief systems and comfort.  

Language and Literacies
Students' languages, both academic and cultural, are assets to learning and the exploration of literacies. Teachers can learn the interrelated relationship between language and literacies and their influences on accessing academic achievement. 

Content Area Literacies
Each academic disciplinary area is rooted in language practices with unique vocabularies and ways to process content. Teacher training focuses on how to read and write across the content areas.  

Family, School, and Community Building
Evaluating and constructing organizational collaborations with families and community to develop student and family connectedness to education and learning.

Teacher Reflective Practices
Teacher reflection is a cornerstone to effective and transformative practice. Therefore, we offer measurable tools to support teacher self-reflection, goal-setting, and improvement benchmarks aligned with culturally relevant teaching, content area literacies, and racial literacies in praxis.

Year-Long Engagements

Curriculum Development and Audit
Direct work with school districts or departments seeking to develop or audit and review existing curricula to establish new goals or re-align current goals with new objectives.

Teacher Professional Development
Establish year-long school-wide goals with teachers. Sessions are scheduled with schools' established continuing education or professional development calendar.

Instructional Observations and Feedback
Have access to instructional observations and instructional coaching and support to increase teacher effectiveness.

Quarterly Engagements

Leadership Institutes
Speciality-focused institutes for school leaders designed with intensive study and action-planning processes to organize school improvement or equity planning.  

Teacher Leadership Learning Institute
Focused institute on race, language, culture and collaboration for teachers participating in or preparing for school leadership.

Single Day Engagements

Workshops (up to four hours)
Seminars (four to six hours)
Keynote Address (up to two hours)

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